My brother Felix Schmid

My brother was director of the Masters Programme in Railway Engineering (MSc in Railway Systems Engineering and Integration)  at the University of Birmingham
based at the The Railway Research Centre of the University until his retirement in summer 2020.

As a reknown expert he is still active in the field of railways, is available for consultacy
For the year 2020/21 he was elected Chair for Railway Divison of the (UK based) Institution of MECHANICAL ENGINEERS.

The two of us share an interest in railways. Whilst we both love old fashioned museum railways, the professional interest lies more in the operation of modern mass transport.

Railway Study Tours

For his students at the University of Birmingham Prof. Felix Schmid organised a study to railways on the European continent every year until 2019.

I, Thomas Schmid, had the priviledge to help guiding the students in countries like Switzerland and Sweden, Portugal and Poland. Studytours for IMechE were offered in 2018 and 2019, were planned for 2020 as well.

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