Sunday, February 10th: 100 years celebration

Emilie Schmid-Tröndle was born in 1919, on Tuesday, February 11.

Neighbour girl with Trudi and Emilie (about 3-year-old) neighbour girls with Trudi and Emilie (about 3-year-old)

During the epidemic Spanish flu at the end of the World War I, Emilie's pregnant mother Marie Tröndle-Sauter suffered from the infection too. Marie was picked up at the family home on Dufourstrasse, driven to the hospital in a motor(!) ambulance to give birth. That's as Trudi Widmer-Tröndle, who was six years old at the time, told it.

One hundred years later we want to celebrate our mother in her old residential district Riesbach, in Seefeld. She liked the lake as a young girl, back then in the old wooden bath Tiefenbrunnen. Though her older siblings tended to just leave her alone to learn swimming by herself, she found a longstanding love for the lake. In the summer 2018, at the age of 99, she visited the Badi Utoquai perhaps 20 times, went down the stairs to the water with great pride once, twice, three times a visit; into the lake, swimming fifteen feet out and returning on her back to the stairs.

When we inquired at the office for sports facilities of the city council, the staff was very positive: a party in Bad Utoquai should be possible.

Emilie at the Restaurant Frascati Emilie, photographed by Mr. Guyer 1949, restaurant Frascati at Utoquai

So we have a heated tent set up in the public swimming baths Utoquai sunbath area, towards the lady's section, to the right.


The seaside resort Utoquai is located to the east of the lake, not far from Bellevue.


By public transport and by foot Utoquai can be reached easily; it is a five-minute walk from tram stop Kreuzstrasse. From Stadelhofen SBB train station, you reach Utoquai in ten minutes.

Cars must not be parked in front of the public bath. Car parking is available at Seefeldquai (200 m further out from the city) or in the region of Dufourstrasse. Inhouse parking opposite, on Färberstrasse, is closed on Sundays.


There is a severe storm warning for this Sunday for all of Switzerland. Gales of 90km/h to 120km/h are possible. The tent should withstand that, the supplier says.


Time What  Where
from 11:45 am Arrival of guests Seaside resort Utoquai
12:00 to 12:45 Apéro, with music inside the old building
ca. 12:30 Arrival Emilie Schmid quay
13:00 asian buffet, warm In front of the tent, right hand side
14:30 from the Cabaret In the tent
15:00 dessert, as much as guests bring  
15:30 Some music In the tent
17:40 Sunset all of Zürich
until 18:00 Adjourment